18/04/2015 - 13:34

Marathon Weekend

      As we start getting ready for the Boston Marathon on Monday, we’re filling up our time with fun events throughout weekend. From the 7th annual B.A.A 5k to the B.A.A invitational mile, people have gathered around on this beautiful Saturday afternoon to watch the races. Copley Square is packed with both tourists and locals. Surrounding stores and restaurants have even put out special deals and free food to attract customers. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese food truck gave away many free grilled cheeses today.
       It’s no doubt that everyone is in a great mood because of the weather and these upcoming activites. On sunday there will even be a Boston Marathon pre-race pasta party for fellow runners to get to know each other. People from all around the country and even some from around the world have come to participate in this marathon.
       Bostonians take so much pride in this race and the streets will be intensely crowded on Marathon Monday. It’s wonderful to see how we make the best out of this experience despite the reminder of the tragic events that occurred during the 2013 race. We see all of Boston coming together for these events and forever remaining Boston Strong.